Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...But, I am still Smiling! {SOLC} March 9, 2015 #sol15

Today was one of those days...

Woke up late because the alarm was set incorrectly;

Left home 20 minutes later than normal because we were all slow moving with the time change;

Arrived at work 15 minutes late due to traffic;

Forgot the files I needed for my afternoon meetings on my desk;

Knocked off the Internet over and over during my meeting in the middle of editing work;

Sat in last meeting beyond time limit and now have to reschedule for next week;

Missed returning ten carnival games that are clunking and thumping around in the back of my van due to the late meeting so I will be driving to work with them
In my car again tomorrow;

Arrived too late to pick-up daughter so she missed dance class due to late meeting;

Made dinner only to have my family complain that they did not like it.

Yes; it was one of those days!  But at the end of all of it, I am still smiling!  Because, even after all the craziness that today brought, I am still incredibly blessed and I never want to forget that!  


  1. Those days happen, but your positivity is beautiful! Springing forward this year is proving to be more of a stumble than a spring. But we are all making it! :)

  2. One of those days, indeed. Lucky for you, you have a wonderfully positive attitude. I hope that today went better for you. :)