Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Collaborative Conversations! {SOLC} March 27, 2015 #sol15

Top Ten Reasons Why Collaborative Planning is BETTER than doing it alone!

10.  Increased capacity to problem solve situations.

9.  Increased capacity to determine solutions.

8.  Different perspectives brings diverse ideas.

7.  Teamwork to divide the work.

6.  Opportunity to dialogue about ideas and obtain feedback.

5.  Collective experience is more powerful than single experience.  

4.  New perspectives support seeing the same situation from a different perspective. 

3.  Backgrounds that are different bring new ideas.  

2.  Getting to know colleagues in a new way.

1.  Collaboration is energizing and exciting!

If you can't tell, my best work
Is done with others...I find group think exciting and energizing.  

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  1. When you're planning with the right people, it's so much easier than going it alone. As a TWT Team, we get together to plan our blog series on Google Hangouts. It's a delight to bounce ideas off of each other. :)