Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Ants go Marching one by one...only in Storybooks!{SOLC} March 21, 2015 #sol15

Ants marching one by one is something that only happens in the story books! I know, because I found hundreds of clusters of ants in my pantry this morning and the first word out of my mouth was not "Hurrah"!  My son first discovered a few ants on the floor and as we were trying to clean them up, I realized that they were in and crawling all over the beautiful handmade treat bags that my daughter and I made this past week for her birthday party today!

Immediately I went into panic mode! I was frantically calling to the kids to help me get everything moved so we can get the ants out!  I was cursing the fact that I haven't yet called extermination company to come do an annual spring spray to prevent pests in the house.  I was disgusted by the fact that these little black pests had invaded any part of our home without permission. I was saddened by the fact that the hand stamped treat bags my daughter and I had made would all have to be thrown away along with the candy inside of them.  

I was thankful for the fact that the handmade treats that we were going to put inside the bags had not been made until this morning so they were safe from the invasion.  I was also thankful for the fact that we made the discovery so early this morning rather than right before we left for the party this afternoon.

I realize in the grand scheme of life, and in treat bags is really not that big of a deal; however, cleaning up after a home invasion of little tiny black pests was not on my "to do" list this morning!  My daughter will still have a wonderful birthday party and great time with her little friends!  Thankfully my husband is out buying more treats and treat bags as I write!  

I am guessing that the author who wrote that ants march one by one must have never found a while colony in his daughter's birthday treat bags!  Guess what else is added to my "to do" list for Monday...calling pest control for that spring spraying!  

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  1. It's seldom that chaos has order. But I've always linked that song with armies and armies can cause chaos so I guess that makes sense.