Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thinking about the last time...{SOLC} March 5, 2015 #sol15

I once read an article by a mother who spoke about recalling the firsts of her children's lives contrasted to all of the "last time" things happen in our lives. Tonight was one of those last time moments for me. You see, my youngest and my only daughter, will be starting kindergarten next school year. Tonight, I had to take her to kindergarten registration. It was the last time I will attend this event for one of my children. I know when she begins formal school, there will be lots of last moments for our family.

I can't believe that I will be sending my youngest child to school next year.  Even though she's been attending preschool,  Kindergarten is still a big milestone in her life and mine.  When we officially have all school-aged children, it will be a new chapter for our family! She was so excited tonight, which made me both happy for her and sad for me.  Regardless of how I feel, time will keep marching on...
Right now, I am going to celebrate the last time, even though, it makes me a little sad too!


  1. Ahh! Cute cute Lindsay!! Your story about lasts and firsts is sweet...endearing story-I'll be there next year.

  2. Your piece brought back memories long ago when my kids started kindergarten. Now my daughter is raising children. Yes, time marches on but with each new milestone is a new experience to enjoy with your children.

  3. Time flies by so quickly, doesn't it? These last times are sad, but there are so many wonderful things coming up. Love the picture of your little one.