Wednesday, February 25, 2015

4 more Days! {SOLC} March 29, 2015 #sol15

Spring Break starts on Friday...4 more work days!  I can do anything for 4 more days, right?!  

Here's what I am looking forward to for spring break:

Quiet house since the kids will be at school;
Day dates with my husband;
Not having to pack a lunch for 6 days;
Doing what I want when I want;
Engaging in my hobby of scrapbooking;  Spa Day for a massage and pedicure;
Staying up late;
Rejuvenating my soul!

4 more days...4 more days...I got this!!!


  1. We also start spring break in 4 days! I'm looking forward to no alarm clock, not having to drag kids out of bed, and doing whatever I want whenever I want. :) Enjoy!

  2. We have a half day on Thursday. I am really looking forward to noon Thursday! At least one day will be spend with our grandkids. I can't wait!

  3. Isn't anticipating vacation the best feeling? I just finished Spring Break and it was so nice. Like you, I've got a 4 day work week and then a long weekend. Have a great week!!