Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Best Work!{SOLC} March 17, 2015 #sol15

It is so interesting to me that I "apparently" do some of my best planning and thinking when I am fast asleep.  So many mornings I wake up and I have ideas or I have solved problems that I was turning over and over in my head the previous day.  When I wake, I will grab my phone or my iPad and jot down notes to be able recall this information when I need it and am ready to use it.  

I am thankful that my thoughts don't keep me awake at night, because I know lots of people aren't so fortunate.  I am thankful that some of this good "thinking" work happens without me even realizing it.  Some of my best work comes out of these nightly problem solving sessions.


  1. I wish I could have some of those nightly problem solving sessions!!! Yeah You!

  2. Good thinking to grab your phone or iPad to jot down notes. Then you don't forget all those great ideas!

  3. Wow...that is a great system you have. I wish I knew how you do it. :)