Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vacation Planning {SOLC} March 19, 2015 #sol15

At this time of year, we always begin to discuss vacation planning.  Our favorite vacation, by far, is visiting the beach.  This year we want to combine visiting family in DC with our beach trip.  We also always plan a trip to North Carolina to visit my dearest college friend and her family.  

I love so many things about summer but vacationing is definitely one of the best parts!  Getting away is renewing to the soul; particularly visiting the beach!

So for now, I sit and dream about warmer, carefree days knowing they will come but not always soon enough.


  1. I think planning helps give us something to look forward to. It brings a little sunshine to the day.

  2. Planning for warmer weather and down time with family sounds like the perfect thing to do!