Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One of my Favorite Things! {SOLC} March 11, 2015 #sol15

           My Lenny & Eva Obsession

In the spirit of yesterday's post and my obsession with words, I have to share one of my favorite things...Lenny & Eva Bracelets!  While I love trends and dressing in my own style, I am not necessarily into particular brands of clothing or accessories.  

However, because of my love of words, this past summer when I was in North Carolina, I found line of jewelry called Lenny and Eva.  Here's why I love these bracelets:

wearing my favorite sentiments for everyone to see;  

my best friend and I found the jewelry together and both love it; 

it allows me to mix and match styles and colors depending on my mood and outfit; 

I was able to create a customized sentiment that is all my own; 

it exudes positivity and strength;  

the company is named after the founder's two grandmothers;

it is beautiful;  

it is meaningful to me;

it is special to share as gifts;

Being able to share and spread positivity to others is important to me...I can't help but share my Lenny & Eva obsession!

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  1. With all the reasons you listed, how could you not love them? I think I to too!