Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Present over Perfect!{SOLC} March 23, 2015 #sol15

"Present over Perfect"...this mantra plays frequently in my mind.  I strive daily and sometimes hourly to achieve this balance.

Perfectionism has always been a weakness of mine and has caused me to struggle internally through the years. At times,  it also has caused me to externalize my feelings in unproductive ways towards others through the years, as well.  I knew this was always a problem for me, but it has become increasingly apparent since I have had children and have witnessed them interact with the world.  There's nothing like seeing your worst trait manifested in a child, and in my case, my oldest son.

Granted, I am much better than I used to be but I still have my moments, depending on the day, where I struggle.  I am trying to be supportive to my son, knowing how not helpful some of things my parents used to say to me were and, yet, still holding him accountable and helping him navigate the world.  

Being "Present over Perfect" feels particularly important in my life right now as I balance working fulltime with motherhood and everything else that comes along with life. I just have to be patient with myself and remember that I am a work in progress, which is sometimes easier written than put into action.  


  1. Present over perfect. Such an important way of thinking! We all strive to do our best.

  2. I love that motto. I have learned over the years that I can't be perfect and I am much happier when I am present in the moment and enjoying life!

  3. "Present over Perfect" - I have never heard that line before, but boy, do I LOVE it. I need to say that to myself on the minute. Ugh! I struggle with perfectionism. I am always spending, or shall I say wasting, so much time trying to get things perfect, I miss out on many more important moments. I am glad you realize you are a "work in progress." You are human and the fact that you do reflect and try to teach your son what is best for him is wonderful! Give yourself a break and carry on! :) Great slice!

  4. I love this line too. I haven't heard it before and to tell you the truth, I need to remember it. We are all works in progress. That in and of itself is the perfect lesson to teach your children. :)

  5. I have never heard of this phrase but I understand what you mean. Sometimes the inner expectations may be even harder than the outer expectations. Learning to understand that you are enough takes time. I like how you reflect on who you are and it helps you with supporting your son.