Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The little things are often the BIG things! {SOLC} March 1, 2015 #sol15

Some days there is one moment that sticks out to you as something that really makes your day special.  Although, today was not unlike any other Sunday with lots of chores and preparation for the week ahead, it was also a day that made me feel honored to be a mom!  I love my kids, each one with his/her unique qualities, that make them special to me.  They each have special ways that they show me who they are and how much they care. 

Today, as I was folding laundry, cleaning up, prepping and bustling around the house, I happened to glance at my middle son and from a room away and he blows he a kiss completely unsolicited!  His act of affection just warmed my heart and gave me another reminder of how much the little acts of love mean the most! 


  1. Lindsay,
    So glad to know you joined our slicing community! How sweet that he blew you to kiss! Affection from our little ones means a lot...thanks for sharing this sweet moment!

  2. Those moments are the best. Such sweetness for our kids is good for the heart. :)