Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Increasing My PLN {SOLC} March 2, 2015 #sol15

This week I finish a four week course on Universal Design for Learning.  The course has been completely facilitated online through Google hangouts and Twitter chats. I underestimated how fulfilling of an experience I would have connecting with educators who share my passion for instruction for students!  I learned so much from these passionate educators!  

The Technology we used connected us across different states and countries, united by one passion: making learning experiences for children as meaningful as possible!  I am grateful for the experience over the last four weeks to connect with fellow educators to learn, digest, play, engage, dissect, discern, collaborate, discover and share.  

  I have always been a learner who learns best through social connections and discussing what I am learning. The use of technology has just helped me to take that learning to a new platform and level.  
Using technology to build my personal learning network or PLN has enhanced my ability to share meaningful resources with my colleagues. As I continue to reflect on this experience that I have had, it leads me to ponder how I can help build these experiences for colleagues and for students.


  1. I experienced such a powerful connectedness in two moocs: CLmooc and ETmooc, both creating the same feelings of passion for creating wonderful experiences for students, knowing that any questions I have would find answers in my PLN -- just as I was there for them. Thanks for sharing-- they are blessings indeed.

  2. I have found bloggers to be connectors. I hope you will find some to encourage and build your PLN.

  3. I wasn't so sure about PLNs when I got started with Twitter. NOW I don't know how I ever taught without it. Isn't it amazing to be so connected to other educators. I have so many people to turn to when I want to bounce ideas around or pick someone's brain.

    Glad you're joining us for the SOLSC this month!