Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Today we experienced another first...{SOLC} March 7, 2015 #sol15

It seems like every day my children are growing up so quickly. Today I had one of those moments where I looked at my oldest son and couldn't believe he was sitting next to me in the front seat of my van. 

For his entire life I have driven him around in the backseat, but because my van was loaded with items that need to be moved, there really wasn't anywhere else for him to sit. It was the strangest feeling to have him next to me in the van versus all the way in the back. It's just another little sign to me that says he is growing up way too fast! It was so fun to have him experience a ride in the van from a new perspective. He was commenting about how roomie it was and that the view is completely different from the front seat.   

So, I may have a new companion in the front seat. It won't be too long that I'll have all three kids fighting for that position in the van and eventually, they'll all be behind the driver seat. For now I'm going to be thankful that I only have one who is actually allowed to sit in the front and I will cherish the time and conversations that that new position might bring with my son.


  1. The other day my 26 year old daughter told me she'd drive because my driving makes her nervous. Oh how times do change. Driver's Ed almost gave me an ulcer.

  2. Darn, when I went in to school today I'd planned to write a couple of notes. I totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a sweet post about a milestone moment. My older son turns 16 this Friday; and I am taking a personal day to go with him to get his driver's permit. It seems like only days ago he was out of his car seat and riding in the front seat for the first time.

  4. I remember those firsts too. And you're right. As your other children get older, there will be races for that coveted front seat next to the driver. I get a kick out of my grown children still shouting, "Shotgun," as they run for the front seat.