Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Every Child (and Student) is a Blessing! SOLC} March 25, 2015 #sol15

This photo was taken of my daughter this afternoon as she worked through an arts and crafts activity book.  I took this photo because I often find myself in awe of how different my three children are even though they all are from the same parents.  While it may also be a difference in the fact that she is a girl, there's no way that my boys would've ever sat down to do some of the things that she enjoys at her age.

Having these experiences also reminds me of how I've always viewed my students as individuals with unique characteristics.  Take any classroom today and it's going to be filled with students who have a diverse interests, learning needs and talents.  One of my deepest passions is considering learners first rather when providing learning opportunities for students rather than a one-size-fits-all model.  In fact, it is unrealistic to think "one size" instruction would fit all or even most!

Just as I am awe of what makes each of my children so different, I am greatly encouraged by what each learner brings to the classroom.  We have the best job in the world as educators!


  1. This is so true! It's both a challenge and a delight to help each child come to love learning.

  2. It's wonderful to be able to embrace the differences in our children and our students!