Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Signs all Around! {SOLC} March 31, 2015 #sol15

I've been wanting to make a scrapbook page of all of the signs around our home that indicate that children live here. I think it's very important to record every day life,  just like we are with this SLICE challenge, and layouts about every day life are my most favorite complete.

Some signs of children in our home are more subtle than others but the signs are everywhere...

Lego Creations, 

Shoes of all sizes,

Cartoons on the TV,

Books on tables, chairs, counters and floors...

These pictures are just a sampling of the daily reminders that prove we are truly blessed that our home is filled with the love, energy and excitement that children bring to life!

Random Late Night Thoughts {SOLC} March 30, 2015 #sol15

The to do list was long after I put the kids to bed...all has been accomplished but later than I should be going to bed.  

I try to hold fast to my bedtime of 10 o'clock but it couldn't be helped tonight.  

Tomorrow is another busy day.  I will get up and do it all again beginning at 5:30 AM.  It will be a long but exciting day!

Looking forward to tomorrow's work...

4 more Days! {SOLC} March 29, 2015 #sol15

Spring Break starts on Friday...4 more work days!  I can do anything for 4 more days, right?!  

Here's what I am looking forward to for spring break:

Quiet house since the kids will be at school;
Day dates with my husband;
Not having to pack a lunch for 6 days;
Doing what I want when I want;
Engaging in my hobby of scrapbooking;  Spa Day for a massage and pedicure;
Staying up late;
Rejuvenating my soul!

4 more days...4 more days...I got this!!!

Deceivingly Blue! {SOLC} March 28, 2015 #sol15

Snow covered the yard this morning but 
the sky is deceivingly blue. 

There is a bitterly, chilly breeze blowing tree branches and dead leaves but the sky is deceivingly blue.

The temperature outside is only in the 20's but the sky is deceivingly blue.

We had to wear our heavy coats to the store today but the sky is deceivingly blue.

The sun is shining which usually signals warmth and the sky is deceivingly blue.


Collaborative Conversations! {SOLC} March 27, 2015 #sol15

Top Ten Reasons Why Collaborative Planning is BETTER than doing it alone!

10.  Increased capacity to problem solve situations.

9.  Increased capacity to determine solutions.

8.  Different perspectives brings diverse ideas.

7.  Teamwork to divide the work.

6.  Opportunity to dialogue about ideas and obtain feedback.

5.  Collective experience is more powerful than single experience.  

4.  New perspectives support seeing the same situation from a different perspective. 

3.  Backgrounds that are different bring new ideas.  

2.  Getting to know colleagues in a new way.

1.  Collaboration is energizing and exciting!

If you can't tell, my best work
Is done with others...I find group think exciting and energizing.  

Get Moving! {SOLC} March 26, 2015 #sol15

In this early morning, I can't stop thinking about exercise!  You see, I wake up early to do it and, even though I dread the alarm, I can't deny the impact it has on my mental and physical well-being!  

My exercise journey began back in high school. I used to go to Jazzercise with my mom when I was not in the sport season. Organized classes are still my favorite way to work out but not always possible now that I have a family and work full-time.  

For now, I use free online videos from fitness Here is my routine:
5:25 AM. Wake Up!
5:35 AM. Stumble into the living room with my iPhone ready to find today's work-out.
5:37 AM begin my morning workout
6:20 AM complete my morning workout

Now, it's no secret that I could stand to lose a lot of weight. Recently, my oldest son asked me if I work out because I want to lose weight. I thought about it for a second and realize the reason I think I work out is to feel healthy. I recently had a back injury that is made my work out routine very inconsistent in the past month. This week, I have finally gotten back to my every day workout routine. I feel amazing! My mood is improved I feel less stressed and less irritable.  While it was frustrating during the time my workout was inconsistent, I do think that having that time lapse did give me some perspective on how important my morning workout routine is. I frequently have to tell myself to just get moving because I know once I start I will feel awesome!

Every Child (and Student) is a Blessing! SOLC} March 25, 2015 #sol15

This photo was taken of my daughter this afternoon as she worked through an arts and crafts activity book.  I took this photo because I often find myself in awe of how different my three children are even though they all are from the same parents.  While it may also be a difference in the fact that she is a girl, there's no way that my boys would've ever sat down to do some of the things that she enjoys at her age.

Having these experiences also reminds me of how I've always viewed my students as individuals with unique characteristics.  Take any classroom today and it's going to be filled with students who have a diverse interests, learning needs and talents.  One of my deepest passions is considering learners first rather when providing learning opportunities for students rather than a one-size-fits-all model.  In fact, it is unrealistic to think "one size" instruction would fit all or even most!

Just as I am awe of what makes each of my children so different, I am greatly encouraged by what each learner brings to the classroom.  We have the best job in the world as educators!