Sunday, September 12, 2010

Me--a Blogger?!

I just now set up my new blog and I am so excited!  I used to be an avid journal writer and then scrapbooking somewhat replaced that.  I have a computerized journaling program but I have found myself not using that as much as I would like and have I have ventured to a few other blogs recently, I realized this is a venue where I would like to begin recording and sharing.

I want this to be a record of my days as a working mother, wife and individual.  I want to share my struggles, triumphs and my strenths and needs.  I want to record my family's history and provide a place for myself to reflect on the beautiful things this life affords me! 

I named my blog "Count Your Blessings" as this is my new mantra!  I recently returned to work ( two weeks ago) after being home for 5 months after having our youngest child.  While, I enjoy working I do wish I was home with her (and my two boys) every day so the last few weeks have been tough as our family has adjusted to new schedules and such.  However, I do feel very blessed and thankful that I had a job (a very good one that I love) to return to, actually.  I am remembering every day to count my blessings, as they are many!

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